VRPP19: Jens Petter Wilhelmsen – Handy


In this episode of the VR Pimp Podcast I will be speaking with Jens Petter Wilhelmsen, the CEO of Sweet Tech AS, which is the Norwegian company that designed and developed the Handy masturbator for men. The Handy is an automated stroking device that is fairly new in the market but has been receiving some very good press.

In our discussion, Jens talks about the origins of Handy and the research that has helped them achieve their early success in the market. We also discuss the different features of the Handy and it’s ability to function as a manual or interactive device. Jens also shares the goals that the Handy team hopes to achieve and his fondness for VR.

It’s a bit of odd timing that my interview with Jens happened the very same week that the popular Fleshlight Launch device came back into stock. I know a lot of people were hoping they would get another chance to buy the Launch, but, with the Handy, it’s clearly a much lighter device that is easier to handle. And with the ability to function in interactive mode, I can see why many users would now choose the Handy over the Launch.

Whatever the choice might be, the good news is that we have brands like Handy that are really focused on providing quality interactive sextech products.

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Update: A big Thank You to everyone that participated in our Handy giveaway. We hope to do more giveaways like this in the future.

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  1. Post your comments for a chance to win a Handy Masturbator.

    Update: A big Thank You to everyone that participated in our Handy giveaway. We hope to do more giveaways like this in the future.

    • Interesting listen. I really do think the ability to sync a toy using a script is really a game changer, especially for Virtual Reality content. I’ve been hearing great things about The Handy, especially when comparing it to the Launch which has a shallower stroke length and is slower. Which is definitely something you need when pairing it with a script that calls for varience in stroke length and speed.

  2. I have no experience with interactive masturbators like this, but have been very interested for awhile. Especially one that I can use with my partner! I have only ever used a Fleshlight masturbator, which is great fun, but not interactive.

  3. Heya, great episode!
    It was really nice to hear, not only about a product itself but a bit of the mentality behind its creation, as well as the insight into thoughts and future plans. I really admire the goal to normalise owning products like the Handy!

    Thanks to Scotty, Jens and VR Pimp for the info and insight <3

  4. Super interesting episode, was great to hear about where the team is moving! Normalizing male sex toys for the win! Would love to win one!!

  5. I came for a chance to win a handy but stayed for the interesting podcast. Interactive devices like these have come a long way and it’s interesting to see which direction they will try to go next. Great episode guys, looking forward to the next one

  6. Hmm, I do agree that the Handy would be a better product as it is lighter and more convenient. Interactive Toys really are the next step in porn pleasure, as it allows you to get you closer to the scene (even more with VR) and probably with more pleasure. Hopefully as the technology gets better, other toys from different brands lower their price to allow others who could not afford, gets into their hands.

  7. Enjoyed the podcast. I will probably get one of these after the holidays. I was really hoping they would have a holiday sale, but it is still selling at regular price.

  8. Was a pretty good listen. I’m not too big I’m male toys but I do have a flesh light that’s used here and there. Have a quest 2 now and Vr porn is amazing. I can only imagine how nice that Handy must be.

  9. Great episode on this podcast, I really enjoyed it. It’s great to hear Jens and the Handy crew’s adventure from prototype to minimum viable product to final product. I’m glad they’re focusing on branding, especially given they need to reach wider audiences other than focusing on early adopters. Good job steering the conversation on the questions, I learned a lot more about The Handy than I have from viewing the product page.

    The Handy’s engineer brought up a good point with keeping things web-friendly, especially because it allows you to enter a space with little to no barriers of entry versus an app. It would be interesting to see them do an app years down the line with user submitted scripts and ratings.

    Thank you again for the episode.

  10. Pretty interesting dialog on the process around testing and development. Would be interested in trying this out.

  11. I think interactive toys are definitely the way forward, with VR compatibility and scripting gaining momentum lately. Team Handy has created a really solid product with a great form factor and lots of functionality that makes it clearly stand out amongst the competition. On top of that, these guys are listening to their customer’s feedback regularly, so no doubt things will continue to get better over time. Cheers!

  12. Combining VR headsets and scripts for videos with interactive toys would be interesting to see in the future. I hope more companies would come with innovative ways to combine them.

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