Burning Man VR Camp – Cybersex In The Multiverse


During a time when many are unable to gather in person, something truly wondrous has emerged — dozens of imaginative Universe creators built an ever-expanding virtual Burning Man Multiverse comprising eight Universes, a virtual Temple, and a globally distributed Man Burn. All will be alive and ready for intrepid adventurers during Burn Week, August 30 to September 6, 2020.

Across the many folds of the Multiverse, the idea of Black Rock City persists outside time and space, it’s a virtual metropolis. You’re encouraged to think of the Multiverse as multiple parallel realities, splintered off by the hammer of circumstance. After all, as much as the Burning Man community loves its magical desert Home, Burning Man was never as much about the place as it was about the humans who bring it to life.

Burning Man Project is collaborating with eight Recognized Universes, each a fully interactive Burning Man experience complete with irreverent theme camp events, deep playa DJ sets, monumental (albeit virtual) art installations, and of course random but oddly synchronous encounters with some very interesting humans. Some Universes are 2D, some are full-on VR, all are accessible via a smartphone or computer, and some can be experienced with a VR headset.

Inspired by the Multiverse theme, a crew of veteran Burners has created BRCvr — Black Rock City in full VR, complete with current and past art installations, structures, theme camps, live talks, classes, and performances. Multiverse participants will be able to freely explore a full, at-scale version of Black Rock City via most virtual reality headsets and through Windows and Mac desktop applications. Lose your friends on the Esplanade; dance on an art car; visit the Temple; look for your yearbook photo; even fly to the top of the Man and set off fireworks.

Raspberry Dream Labs has built a thematic camp {CYBER DREAMS} located within BRCvr. The camp is set in the post-apocalyptic future where humans have merged with technology and are now revitalizing Earth with innovative technologies. Sexual energy is harvested from the dreams and used to power intergalactic cross-species circuits.

The {CYBER DREAMS} Burning Man VR camp not only celebrates sexuality of all forms and types but also unites art, technology and sustainability, as, in their vision of the cybersex future, there is no separation between these. You can lose your avatar on the dance circuit to the live deep techno tunes, tap into the shared consciousness and the collective pool of knowledge at the communal stage, travel time and dimensions in the street art galleries, feed on the stardust sexual energy generator and meet like-minded cybersex gods from all corners of the multiverse.

The {CYBER DREAMS} camp will feature one of the most ambitious lineups throughout the entire Burning Man Multiverse with a 1-week non-stop event, including a permanent art gallery, live DJ stage taking a futuristic approach to traditional Playa mutant vehicles, performance stage and a chill-out area.

In the gallery space, visitors will have an opportunity to encounter AI-generated sex toys by Touchy-Feely & Thomas Harrington Rawle, 3D brainwave visualization and sonification recorded during moments of intimacy by Oliver Gingrich, transcend with Kimatica Studio into 360 experiences bordering between fantasy & reality, get stunned by Ryan Burke & anthr0morph transhumanist self-portraits, bend minds with Serg Nehaev’s surreal compositions and Jason Ebeyer’s hypersensual art.

The main stage, featuring live DJs, is incorporated in the ‘impossible’ architecture of the camp inspired by Mad Max & sci-fi visions of post-apocalyptic hyper-future, brought to fruition by digital architects Original Elephant & 3axis Studio. The {CYBER DREAMS} camp will have well known international DJs in the techno rave scene and other house & electronic DJ’s.

At the communal stage, they will be screening a handpicked selection of performances & art films. Each filmed will be screened 3 times for the duration of the Burning Man experience to be viewed in multiple time zones. In addition, the camp will offer educational talks about the future of sexuality featuring some of the biggest names in the sex & sensory tech industries.

Please visit the {CYBER DREAMS} Eventbrite page for more details on their Burning Man VR camp.

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