Real Teens VR Review


Real Teens VR Review

Warning: As of late October 2016 and until further notice, Real Teens VR has stopped updating their site. A company rep wrote that the supply of 18 and 19 year old girls has run thin. I will provide updates when and if this status changes.

The Real Teens VR site is a spin-off from the very popular Naughty America brand that is based in Southern California and has been producing porn since 2004. The first Real Teens VR video was released in June of 2016 and they presently have 20 VR porn videos available with 1 new title being added each week.

I viewed the videos from Real Teens VR on my Samsung S6 phone with a Gear VR headset and the Samsung VR app. Like most VR porn sites, the videos on Real Teens VR are rated as 60fps and feature binaural sound with a 180º FOV. The scores shown below are based on a comparison with videos from other VR porn sites.

1. Quality of VR (4.0 stars) – The colors and clarity on Real Teens VR are about average and the camera positioning is good. The scale is slightly big compared to other sites, but not drastically so. Just like on Naughty America, sloping floors are a common problem due to a tilted camera setup.

2. Quality of Porn (4.0 stars) – The young girls featured on Real Teens VR are very attractive and their tight bodies are exactly what you would expect from girls their age. They also have plenty of talent and we get to see them perform from every angle as multiple positions are the norm on Real Teens VR.

Real Teens VR Review

3. Quantity of VR Porn (2.5 stars) – Currently (October 2016) at 20 titles and growing at only 1 video per week, Real Teens VR is going to be playing catch-up for a very long time.

4. Variety of VR Porn (3.0 stars) – All of the videos on Real Teens VR follow the same format which has the girls introduce themselves in a solo scene before engaging in some B/G action. The lack of genres and ethnicities will likely keep their score low here for awhile.

5. Website, Service, Extras (3.5 stars) – The Real Teens VR website design is quite simple. The download speeds are decent and the VR help section does a good job explaining how to setup and use various devices and apps for viewing the videos. There are no search or filter options available.

Membership pricing is on the high end at US $24.95 for 1 month. It is important to note that a membership with Real Teens VR does not include access to the Naughty America mega site that features over 7,000 porn videos. Payment options include Bitcoin, PayPal, check or credit card with Epoch or SegPay as a payment processor.

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