Realbotix Comes To Life


Realbotix Comes To LifeRealbotix, an emerging technologies project from RealDoll maker Abyss Creations, has now taken its first steps into the future with the release of the Harmony Artificial Intelligence App. Harmony A.I. is a conversational companion application powered by a user customizable artificial intelligence engine and is the core of the Realbotix product line. Users will be able to create a unique version of an AI complete with custom voice, personality profile and on-screen avatar.

The Harmony Artificial Intelligence App is currently available for Android devices only and is sold as a $20 yearly subscription. Once the app is downloaded and the initial foundation layers are complete, the user can give their AI a name and begin interacting with them. For more details on Harmony A.I., the Realbotix project and RealDoll, be sure to check out the next VR Pimp Podcast episode where I will be speaking with Matt McMullen, the CEO & Creative Director at Abyss Creations.

From the Realbotix press release:
The Realbotix project is an ongoing endeavor to integrate emerging technologies with life sized silicone doll artistry, with three main components: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Virtual Reality. These core concepts are outlined below:

The Realbotix App: A cloud based application which can run on a tablet or smartphone that will allow a user to create a unique Artificial Intelligence “personality” as well as a customizable 3D model of this avatar on screen. The resulting AI can then be interacted with through speech recognition via the device as a stand alone platform, and will learn about the user through these interactions and will remember key facts about them, thus creating an engaging simulation of a relationship. The more the AI learns from these interactions, the better the experience will become collectively as the App is continually updated.

RealDoll Love DollsRobotic dolls: The AI app can optionally be connected to our robotic Realdoll system, so that the AI can be interacted with via the robotic doll. This platform is currently being developed as a fully animated head that can be easily attached to almost any Realdoll body, and will include full neck articulation, mouth movement, expressive brows, smiling and frowning, moving eyes and eyelids. We have been granted a patent on the skull and face design, which features the ability to easily change the entire face of the robot using small magnetic attachment points, so the owner will have multiple options for changing the look of their robot. When used in conjunction with the customizable personalities within the AI application, many unique combinations will be possible. In addition, we are creating sensors for the robot’s head and body which will allow the AI to respond to intimacy and sexual activity.

Virtual Realdolls: We are developing a Virtual Reality application in which the user can interact with the AI they have created in Virtual environments of their choice. We are exploring ways to use the tactile simulation of a doll’s body or partial body to bring VR to a new level of experience. In other words, the avatar you are looking at in the virtual world could be touched utilizing a doll’s body or body parts tracked in conjunction with the user’s position. Using the graphics capabilities of a more powerful computer will allow for very detailed graphics and believable experiences which are literally out of this world.

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