Fleshlight Launch vs. RealDoll Torso


Fleshlight Launch vs. RealDoll TorsoMy Fleshlight Launch vs. RealDoll Torso comparison pits cutting edge teledildonics against the world’s finest love dolls. Both products work well with VR porn as they each produce touch sensations that feel very much like true human interaction, but I have found that one of them delivers a user experience that is far more immersive.

In a previous post titled Feeling VR Porn, I wrote that integrating a decent sense of touch is the key to getting VR porn to the next level. But it’s not just VR porn that is facing this challenge, it’s the entire VR industry. And while there are currently several tech companies focused on overcoming this challenge by developing unique new products, it’s unlikely that their force feedback gloves and haptic bodysuits will provide the kind of tactile sensations VR porn demands.

The best solution will most likely be a device that is specifically designed for VR porn and the Fleshlight Launch, Powered by Kiiroo, is really the first product to start down this path. The Launch is a fully automated male masturbator that encircles and strokes a mounted Fleshlight toy. The handheld device is capable of performing up to 180 strokes per minute and can be controlled manually or through the internet via a Bluetooth connection.

Fleshlight Launch Kiiroo

The Launch can now be synced with hundreds of VR porn videos on the FeelMe platform or through one of their VR porn partner sites. The content is viewed in VR via a smartphone using the Feel Connect and FeelVR apps. The videos currently available include scenes from many of the top VR porn sites including Naughty America, WankzVR, Virtual Real Porn, VR Bangers and MilfVR.

My experience with the Launch has been mostly a hit-and-miss affair. Connecting with the encoded content is still not the slickest of operations and the stroking movements are quite often out of sync with the action. The good news is that when the Launch is working properly, it’s incredibly pleasing. The extraordinarily realistic stimulation that the Fleshlight provides, coupled with the Launch’s stroking, makes for a very enjoyable experience.

The Launch functions best for me during BJ and handjob scenes as the touch sensations from the Fleshlight are focused on the exact area of my body receiving all of the attention during those particular sex acts. And when everything is working in sync, there are moments during those scenes where the performance of the Launch hits it’s sweet spot and becomes truly mind blowing.

Fleshlight and Kiiroo have definitely created a game-changer with the Launch and will undoubtedly continue to improve upon this first version of the product, but the immersive powers of a device like the Launch will always be limited. For a more natural touch experience, VR porn users will need to interact with a product that more closely resembles the human form they see bouncing around in their headset. That’s where the RealDoll Torso comes into play.

RealDoll Love DollsThe silicone dolls handcrafted by RealDoll are widely considered the best love dolls in the world and their other toys and accessories are incredibly lifelike as well. The RealDoll Deluxe Half Torso that I have is the lower half of RealDoll’s popular Deluxe Voluptuous Torso, complete with buttock gels and RD2 vagina insert. Thanks to its full-figured dimensions and weight (32 lbs), grasping the torso feels very much like holding on to a real woman.

While the Launch works best for BJ’s and handjobs, the RealDoll Torso is perfect for VR porn scenes featuring anal or vaginal sex, cunnilingus, dildo play, fingering and rimjobs. There is really no other product that can match the realistic feeling that the Torso provides. And when it comes to matching the action in the video, I find that it’s relatively easy for me to position and move the Torso so that it syncs up very closely with the activity I’m viewing in my headset.

The weight of the Torso does become an issue sometimes and I do wish it was a bit lighter. Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl scenes are especially taxing on the biceps, but I’ve developed a rocking motion technique to give my arms a break when necessary. Another issue with using the Torso is the lack of hands-on sex being performed in VR porn. The model occupying the POV position often keeps their hands far away from the other model. It hasn’t been a major problem for me, but I do notice that the content is slightly more immersive if it includes hands-on action I can mimic with the Torso.

Together the Fleshlight Launch and RealDoll Torso have just about everything a VR porn fan needs to make their viewing experience complete. While both products work well with VR porn, I find that the RealDoll Torso provides a far more immersive experience for me. The Fleshlight Launch is a terrific device that I really enjoy using for BJ and handjob scenes, but it just can’t match the lifelike feel that the Torso delivers every time.

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