VRPP12: Telly L – Paradigm Net Media


VRPP12: Telly Lopez-Fu - GroobyVRIn this episode of the VR Pimp Podcast I speak with Telly L, owner and product manager at Paradigm Net Media. We discuss his decision to go all-in on virtual reality, the many different aspects of VR porn production and his video Virtual Reality with Annabelle Lane that won Best VR Scene at The TEA (Transgender Erotica Awards) Show 2018. Telly produces content for GroobyVR and is preparing to launch a new site named JustVR.xxx in the near future.

Paradigm Net Media, Inc. is a full-service virtual reality production company and consulting service. Paradigm provides an all-in-one solution that includes content capture and post-production services. Telly also does business under the company name VR Fan Service.

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