CES 2018


CES 2018Headset makers were once again the largest segment of AR/VR exhibitors at CES with camera and sensor/tracking companies following closely behind. And just like last year, both Naughty America and OhMiBod were there to show off their latest products. The growing VR porn market remains a hot topic for many of the AR and VR exhibitors that I spoke with at CES 2018 as they fully understand how important the adult industry is to the success of their business.

There were a ton of new AR glasses being demoed at CES 2018 along with several established VR headset brands. The most popular display had to be the new Pimax 8K VR headset which features an industry leading 200º FOV. Some reviewers were a bit critical of the new headsets, but I was very impressed with both the fit and the performance of the 8K. After the show Pimax stated that there is still some fine-tuning to be done before the 8K headsets hit the market later this year.

There were plenty of VR camera rigs on display at CES 2018 including a planned 180º 3D model from Kodak that can be folded in to record 360º 2D video. Unfortunately, none of the cameras I looked at can capture video at a frame rate higher than 30 fps. The good news is that Insta360 told me that they are planning to release a new 4K 180 3D camera later this year that can record at 60 fps. They are targeting a retail price below $1000 which would make it an affordable option for many amateur content producers.

Naughty America VR

The Naughty America exhibit offered visitors a chance to view their VR porn content via a Samsung Gear VR. They also demoed a beta version of their soon-to-launch AR app and promoted their new camera setup as Rig 2.0 Advanced Camera Technology from NADRL – Naughty America Digital Reality Labs. With the Naughty America AR app, users will be able to enjoy a 360º view of their favorite porn stars projected onto their local environment. To sign up as a beta tester for the AR app please visit this Naughty America SFW link.

OhMiBod had their recently released Fuse and Esca devices on display at CES 2018. Both products are powered by Kiiroo technology and the Fuse is the first device to share bi-directional controls with the popular Fleshlight Launch. It can also be synced with VR videos and other content via the FeelMe platform. The new devices were designed with cam models in mind as they feature LED lights that provide visual feedback when vibrating.

Body, finger and eye tracking has come a long way in the past year and the advanced sensor technology exhibited at CES 2018 was impressive. Users are no longer required to wear gloves or clothing as the new sensors can recognize and reproduce all finger and body movement. Improved eye tracking can now tell a device exactly where the users eyes are focused which should make interacting with content a far more immersive experience.

At CES 2018 it was clear that the demand for augmented reality and virtual reality applications is growing at a very fast pace. In addition to the AR and VR exhibitors, there were many companies in other industries that were using the technology to showcase their own products. The thriving AR and VR market continues to drive the development of better hardware and software which will ultimately result in a higher quality user experience.

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