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VR Headsets or HMD

VR Headsets or HMD’s

Below is a list of the most popular VR headsets or HMD's (head-mounted displays) currently being developed. I will go into more detail for some of the devices via the links given below. PC-Based HMD's (connected by cable...
Virtual Reality Terminology

VR Terminology

Definitions for commonly used virtual reality words and phrases. ARTIFICIAL REALITY - Simulated spaces created from a combination of computer and video systems AUGMENTED REALITY - The use of transparent glasses on which a computer displays data...
VR vs AR

Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality or VR vs AR

I may go by the name VR Pimp, but some of what I cover here will actually be AR or augmented reality. In fact, AR might ultimately become the far more popular technology when...
VRPP11: Scott Man - Naughty America

VRPP11: Scott Man – Naughty America

In this episode of the VR Pimp Podcast I speak with Scott Man, Director of Marketing at Naughty America. We discuss a wide range of topics related to the evolution of VR at Naughty...
CES 2017

CES 2017

The vast majority of the AR, MR and VR tech exhibitors that I spoke with at CES 2017 are well aware of the important role that the adult industry plays in the success of their...
Dlodlo V1 VR Glasses

Dlodlo V1 VR Glasses

Chinese technology company Dlodlo unveiled their Dlodlo V1 VR glasses at a press event in NY this past week. The V1 looks very much like a large pair of sunglasses and weighs in at a mere 88...
VR Hardware

VR Hardware

Here is a list of the hardware most commonly used in VR. I will go into more detail for some items via the links given below. Headset or Head Mounted Display (HMD) - the headset or...
VRPP12: Telly Lopez-Fu - GroobyVR

VRPP12: Telly Lopez-Fu – Paradigm Net Media

In this episode of the VR Pimp Podcast I speak with Telly Lopez-Fu, owner and product manager at Paradigm Net Media. We discuss his decision to go all-in on virtual reality, the many different...
How To Watch VR Porn On A Smartphone

How To Watch VR Porn On A Smartphone

Here are some details about how to watch VR porn on a smartphone. There are currently 3 types of headsets that can be used to experience virtual reality with your smartphone. The Cardboard and Daydream...
Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift

January 2016 Update: At CES 2016 in Las Vegas, Oculus VR announced that the consumer version of their Oculus Rift headset would begin shipping in late March 2016. They also set the retail price...
Naughty America VR Porn

WankzVR VR Porn